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How Socks Can Tell Things about You

We may not realize this but socks can be a huge part of our lives. We don’t think much about the importance of our socks because we just wear them. Socks can bring out not just protection and comfort, but also help one tell the world about personalities. We can learn a lot about one’s personality through socks. We may not realize this but we are able to tell a lot of stories about a person via the socks he or she wears. There are times, people wear their socks based on their mood at the time of the day. There are times people like to wear some funny socks because they want to make the situation light. Some might wear brighter colors to make things happier or if their are excited. On the other hand, some will be wearing monochrome socks as a way to tell people they are not in the mood. One can tell, via this short list, the feelings based on the kind of socks they wear often.

Some people like to wear knee high socks. Young girls are often being seen to be wearing knee high socks. They wear the socks as part of a school uniform. But, as they age, some of the girls try to personalize and make the socks more unique. They may try to make the socks hand painted or to wear colored knee high socks. It will all depend on whether the schools will be allowing the girls to wear colored socks in the first place. The thing with knee high socks is that it can be easily seen. This is the reason a lot of effort is being put into place to make the socks stand out.

Classic socks may be a reflection on how serious you are in life. It shows that you are a conventional person. The people who wear classic socks are known to be polite or could be extremely rude. They are most often rigid and may be moving to show their authority most of the time.

The thing is that a person that likes to wear sock with holes may be thinking much about making things economical. He or she could be a miser, but more often they are practical minded. These people are not going to spend much on things that they can maximize until the time comes the socks are no longer practical to use because they are torn beyond recognition.

Crazy socks are a reflection of the mood and also the character of the person.

Socks may not be the go to piece of clothing that can reflect a person’s character, but a lot of things can be said about the person based on the sock such as the colors.

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